Eyeglasses for Kids

Styles for Kids

The most important thing to consider when choosing eyeglasses for your child is to choose a frame he or she will wear. If your child does not like the frame, he or she is more apt to not wear them. Our frame stylists are trained to learn
about your child and their activities, take into account facial features, and choose frames that they will wear. Whether they are studious, into designer fashions, active in sports, or into other things altogether, it is important that their eyeglasses match their personality when selecting frame color, shape, and material. A child’s age also helps influence style decisions. Children ages 4-9 often like bright, colorful frames associated with cartoon or Disney characters. Children ages 10-12 are typically more influenced by the Internet, TV, sports figures, celebrities, and music when choosing frames.

Durability for Kids

The second most significant thing to consider when choosing eyeglasses for your child is durability. It is important that you choose a frame that will endure the activities your child participates in. Our frame stylists are trained to understand a child’s activities when fitting your child for eyeglass frames. Aspects to consider include: Plastic versus metal and the types of metals (for example Flexon, spring hinges, etc.). We are required by law to use only Polycarbonate lenses, which are considered safety lenses for anyone under 18.

UV Protection for Kids

Children are more susceptible to effects of ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. Therefore, it is important to protect your child’s eyes from UV damage. Consider transitional lenses that become darker when outside in the sun.

Eyeglass Care for Kids

It is important to teach your child how to properly care for their eyeglasses. Learning how to store them (fold and place them in the case) and how to put them down (not on the lens) are essential to keeping their eyeglasses in excellent condition for a long time. Use a rhyme such as: “When your glasses are not on your face, they live in your case.”

In addition, it is important for your child to understand how to clean their glasses. Never wipe glasses with a dry material. If there are any particles on the lens wiping it dry can scratch the lens. The best way to clean your lenses is to wash them daily using a mild soap and warm water in order to remove dirt and oil. Once the lenses have been washed, dry them using a lens cloth or nonabrasive cotton. Lens-cleaning cloths and sprays can also be purchased to make cleaning easier.

Eyeglass Backup Pair for Kids

If your child’s vision relies on eyeglasses full time and he or she would have difficulty functioning without them, consider purchasing a less expensive pair as a backup in case the primary pair gets damaged and requires repair. If a child participates in sports, consider purchasing an additional pair of eyeglasses specifically manufactured for the more strenuous activities.

Sports Eyewear

More than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports and recreation occur each year. More than 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented with the use of appropriate protective eyewear. We carry Liberty Sport rec specs which are the best sports frames on the market. These new styles are more appealing to kids.