IntraLase and Bladeless LASIK

In the past having LASIK performed involved two steps: cutting a flap followed by changing the corneal surface with an Excimer laser. Now a Femtosecond laser creates the flap, turning LASIK into an all-laser procedure!

Other LASIK procedures use a hand-held microkeratome to create a flap. The IntraLase™ procedure creates a custom flap of the desired size. This precision flap makes the procedure safer and allows more patients to qualify for LASIK.

IntraLase™ uses small laser light pulses to create microscopic bubbles in the cornea. These bubbles are at a designated location within your cornea. Your surgeon will then create a flap by separating the tissue between the bubbles. A second laser will

IntraLase™ is a twenty minute procedure and is painless. Within 24 hours most patients have clear vision and can return to their normal activities.

Dry eye is the main side effect of IntraLase™. Pre-operative testing will determine your level of eye dryness. Most patients will be given a prescription for eye drops to resolve any dryness after surgery. This dryness is only temporary and can last from two weeks to three months. You may also require over- the-counter eye drops after surgery. Drops will be prescribed to prevent inflammation and infection as well.

While IntraLase™ is safe and effective, some patients may still be better candidates for Advanced Surface Ablation (also known as PRK). Pre-operative testing will help your surgeon determine which procedure is right for you. Advanced Eye Centers uses the latest techniques and technologies to provide you with the best possible vision.