Monovision for Presbyopia

(To reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses)

By their early to mid 40’s, many patients start having difficulty with near vision. This loss of focusing power is called presbyopia and occurs when the eye’s natural lens loses its flexibility. Many of these patients turn to reading glasses for reading or other work requiring near vision.

Refractive surgery procedures, such as Advanced Surface Ablation, Intralase™ and LASIK, are performed on the cornea (the front of the eye) and do not correct presbyopia. In order to correct presbyopia without the need of contact or glasses we turn to a technique called monovision. With monovision one eye will focus on near vision while the other eye is used for distance vision.

All eligible patients interested in monovision will first be fit with contact lenses. This trial is to make sure that you are comfortable with the visual acuity monovision provides. If you are happy with the results, our Excimer laser will be used to make the visual changes permanent.